Initial Coin Offering of Sobercoin® from Soberverse is the First “Currency of Recovery”

Available on, Sobercoin incentivizes behavioral change based on a Contingency Management model, while strengthening an individual’s recovery capital. Its goal is to save lives by rewarding people to stay sober while generating a network of providers for holdrs as well as additional incentives for investors.


Sober Systems Inc.,(dba, Sober Network) developers of innovative consumer-facing technology solutions to combat the epidemic of America’s addiction to opioids and other drugs, announced today the launch of its newest product in its behavioral health technology line-up today. Soberverse, the new online site for all things sober, has introduced Sobercoin on Based on defensible intellectual property with several technological advantages, it’s the first “Currency of Recovery” – literally the first use of Contingency Management in its own Sober Economy. People will be rewarded for joining, posting, and checking in.

Soberverse is transforming the treatment and recovery space with the introduction of Sobercoin because it is tradable for coaching and training. Sober housing through a growing network of providers also will be an option soon. Presently, Sobercoin can be used to buy sessions or training on 

Sobercoin can be earned three ways:

1) join the Soberverse 
2) Post on’s Community blog page a minimum of 10 times 
3) Download and use the Sobersystems mobile app from the Apple or Google Play stores and Check-In with a self-reported drug-free lifestyle for 30 consecutive days

“Sobercoin is an innovative tool for this population because it solves the greatest obstacle currently impeding peoples’ opportunity for recovery – financial responsibility,” said Dr. Harold Jonas, CEO, and Founder of Sober Network. “Cryptocurrency is here to stay. California recently passed a law allowing county health departments to implement Contingency Management (CM) to reward active users to stay drug-free. CM helps reduce healthcare utilization costs and saves lives. Sobercoin will be a vital CM initiative that saves lives while generating a return for investors and income for holdrs – allowing more people to enter and stay on the path of long-term recovery,” concluded Dr. Jonas.

Sober Network’s goal with Sobercoin is to reach people requiring products or services that will help strengthen their path to sustained recovery. This includes the need to establish or re-establish stable, drug-free housing, professional services like coaching and training, accountability, and incentives. Currently, there is no viable alternative to the solution Sober Network offers with Sobercoin. An astonishing 110 million people worldwide suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction and this number is increasing exponentially each year. Never before in history has the drug crisis been so acute or the need for a product such as Sobercoin so great. 

About Sober Network 
Sober Network was founded in 2000 by Harold Jonas, Ph.D., LMHC, CAP, a nationally recognized addiction expert with over 30+ years of experience, and a clear understanding of market requirements for behavioral economics. His firm’s technology is focused on creating lasting change in people and systems. Many of the products from Sober Network Inc. provide scientific, award-winning, and first-of-kind features, motivating adoption to drive wide-scale consumer market acceptance. View its products and brands at: 

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